Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep, relaxing breath. Do some light stretching. Feel the warmth circulate throughout your body. Free your thoughts. Think of the following words: Clarity. Bright. Familiar. New. Quiet. Brisk. Open. They for the most part all mean something different, but they all can lead to a positive feeling within us. Words can be fuel for our hearts and minds. Just saying them can evoke a positive reaction in us. One idea is to take a small pocket thesaurus and highlight all the positive words in it. Allow yourself to skim the pages at random. This will feed positive words into your everyday vocabulary as well as revitalize your spirits. Say the words aloud. Allow them to ring through your body and travel through the air around you. We are the only species to have been gifted with such communication. Let us revel in it. Let it be our medicine.