Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let's start with a deep, cleansing breath. Stretch your arms and your fingers. Stretch your legs and your toes. Roll your shoulders. Relax. Clear your thoughts. Today let us focus on enlightenment through the “Who Am I” Advaita Vedanta Meditation or Neti Neti, "not this, not that," Meditation. Neti Neti is based on non-dualism which maintains that we are not separate but a part of a greater divine spirit. It is derived from the Upanishads: the early philosophical texts of the Hindu religion dating as far back as 800 - 400 B.C. In this meditation, ask yourself the question, “Who am I?” and whatever thought comes to mind, let them go and say to yourself, "I am not this." Whatever we think we are, we are not. Neti-Neti is not considered a denial though. It is an assertion that whatever our Spirit may be, as we attempt to capture it in human words, we fall short because we are limited in our understanding, and the words are limited in the ability to express the transcendent. Allow these thoughts to pass by you one by one. "I am not this, I am not that."