Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let's begin with a deep, relaxing breath. Fill your lungs and then breathe all the way out. Stretch your arms, stretch your legs. Relax your body. Clear your mind. Let us imagine we are walking on a strong wooden bridge. Underneath it flows a rushing river. Although the river below is beautiful and we enjoy watching it flow swiftly beneath us, it comes second to what we really need right now. It is no different when someone comes to us for support. We become their bridge. We are their to support them. Our opinions and what we think have a beauty and importance all their own, but they really are not what 's important at this moment. Let us try to be mindful of those that come to us seeking support. Try to put your opinions on hold for some other day. In moments such as this, be the bridge that holds someone up and makes them feel cared for and loved.