Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Power Hour

Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Stretch your arms and legs. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Roll your shoulders. Align your posture. Calm your mind. Calm your body. Try to imagine your day as you would the waves on the ocean. Think about how your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day. Some waves of energy are bigger than others. Did you ever wonder why some people are morning people and others are afternoon or evening people? It has been said that we all have a "Power Hour." A particular time-slot in our day when we are able to function at our very best. Native Americans would go out into nature and sit quietly in one spot for the whole day to become attuned to this prevailing segment of our day. By becoming aware of the time of day you are most proficient, mentally and physically, you're not only more energetic and focused but you can also accomplish things with more confidence and vigor. Today as you go about your day, try to take note of when you feel you are at your very best. Record the time and compare it to the next couple of days. Do your mind and body come together during your Power Hour? Or do they achieve their best results at different times during the day? Whichever it may be, you now hold the knowledge to use this great little tool to your advantage. It would help you to schedule such things as important meetings or exercise around this time.