Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let us start with some light stretching. As you continue to gently lengthen your arms and legs, clear your mind and imagine yourself under water. Feel the resistance of the water slowing your stretches into graceful movements. Movements such as this can be found in T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Chi or qi is the life-force that is inherent in all things. This Chinese system of slow meditative movement and exercise is used for relaxation, balance, health and self-defense. Our movements can be a release. They can relax us. They can increase our circulation. By focusing on our bodies performance, and becoming more mindful of how we maneuver ourselves, we can increase our overall sense of well being. The more we move, the more flexible we become. By integrating meditation with our movement we can become more flexible mentally and physically and create a more positive flow of energy throughout our entire being.