Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Do some light stretching. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Let us rest for a moment and enjoy the reassuring comforts of home. Look around you. This is where you begin and end each day. Home should be a warm and inviting place. It is where we refuel and release from the pressures of the outer world. What do you love most about your home? A favorite blanket. A favorite chair. A picture of a good friend. Some things that can bring warmth to a home are candles, pillows and throws. A couple pictures of your favorite nature areas can remind us of beautiful places we have been. Fresh green plants bring life to a room as well as help keep the air clean and your space alive with color. Sometimes little changes to our surroundings and fill us with positive energy. By caring for ourselves on the outside we also nurture ourselves on the inside. Our home is our sanctuary. Create a comforting place for You.