Thursday, March 3, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Go as deep as you can until not one more air molecule can fit inside your lungs. Feel the oxygen flow through your veins and stretch your chest wide. Now let it all out until all the air is completely released. Now breath in. Feel the freshness of the air entering your nasal passages. Feel your mind and body awaken to the new day. Feel yourself alive and feeling refreshed. Stretch your arms up, way up, then slowly bring them down to your sides and rest your hands gently in your lap. Take another deep breath. Keep your eyes closed and focus on the giving. Think of the areas in your life that are overflowing. What is something in which you have an abundance? As you go about your day, offer what you have to others. It can be gift wrapped in a smile. It can be left anonymously for an extra magical touch. You have completed a cycle. As you let go of what you have been blessed with, feel the energy of the giving flow through you. We can become very busy day to day trying to fulfill our needs. Time becomes scarce and the piles of clutter can grow around us. As we attempt to organize and bring some order to our surroundings we can become overwhelmed with what to give, what to throwout and what to keep. Our minds can trick us into thinking that because something is useful, we need it. The real wisdom is knowing that all things serve a purpose, but what of those things serves us best? And what would serve someone else greater? Most "things" in life can be replaced. To be able to give is the gift. Let us focus today on what we can give from our hearts. What can we let go of to better serve someone else? In return we will be energized. In return we will receive the joy of giving.