Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep, cleansing breath. Roll your shoulders. Align your posture. Let any tension be released back into the Universe. Say good bye to any negativity that has crept into your conscience. Clear your mind and focus on the light of this new day. Breathe it in. Imagine yourself with someone you truly care about. Someone warm and understanding. Feel how the energy flows freely when your with this person. Welcome this peaceful, loving energy into your heart. Let it fill you with a sense of comfort. Ask your angels to kindly bring more people like this into your life. Know in your heart that it is ok to let go of people - for it is then we make room for positive, more fulfilling friendships to enter our lives. By shifting our focus onto these new friendships we loosen the ties to those that no longer serve us. We don't have to be hurtful to let go. Imagine them moving on to places that will make them happy and at peace in their lives. Sometimes we need to take a step back, to take a leap forward. Spending time alone and getting to know ourselves better can also create a positive shift in our lives. Today as you go about your day, keep your mind open to those positive, loving souls that cross your path and to the possibility of new friendships. Perhaps you'd like to strengthen a bond with an acquaintance you already know. Or maybe take sometime to yourself to do some soul searching. Create a circle of love, support and positive energy around you and watch as life begins to truly blossom.