Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Do some light stretching. Take a couple deep breaths. Rest your body. Rest your mind. Feel your body being filled with peace. Feel the glow in your heart growing warmer and brighter. Refuel. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in a field of wildflowers. The colors, the warmth and the beauty of this place fill you with so many wonderful feelings: happiness, freedom, comfort. Being here gives you a chance to breathe. Here you can let go of all the things you cannot change. Things you cannot fix. Give it all back to the Universe. Clear your mind and make room for new and better experiences. Make room for things you can put into action. Success. Happiness. Move on from what no longer serves you. Forgive yourself for not having the means to fix everything. Love yourself for trying. The sky is not always blue. The flowers are not always purple, red, white, blue, or yellow. We are not always able to be what people want us to be. Forgive them for expectng to much from you. Love them for wanting you in their life. Today as you go about your day seek out the courage to heal and move forward. Communicate your feelings. Be gentle but honest. Make positive change happen in your life and see how it creates positive changes in the world around you. Forgive. Love.