Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let us take a deep breath. Do some light stretching. Relax your mind. Relax your body. Clear your thoughts. Let us focus for a moment on our feelings. How we deal with our feelings is so important to our growth and our relationship to the world around us. Some days we will wake up feeling great and then next thing you know something happens to dampen our spirits. All is not lost when we encounter challenges to our feelings. We have the power to turn our day back into a beautiful experience. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to communicate. Sharing our feelings helps us to process and heal. After we acknowledge our worries and fears we can begin to grow beyond the setback. Exercise is another great way of dealing with life's speed bumps. Problems in life can bring us a good amount of tension and working out helps us to work things out both mentally and physically. Meditation is another tool that helps us to heal as well as discover the wisdom to deal with our feelings. Our feelings are important but they should never get in the way of forgiveness. We share this world with one another - try to oversee the moment and opt to see the whole person. We are all human and make mistakes. Life is truly all perspective. Stay positive. Allow your feelings to guide you to better understanding of the world around you.