Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Do some light stretching. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Let us focus on the beauty of this moment. We're alive. We're breathing. We are in a safe place. We have been blessed with today. We have the chance to live in a beautiful world and an infinite number of opportunities. We are loved and cared for. This morning let us celebrate this life we have been blessed with. Let's begin this day by doing something good for us. So much depends upon that first step we take. By doing something positive at the beginning of each day, we can set the course for a positive day ahead. Let us try to do something this morning that makes us feel good inside. A brisk 30-60 minute workout and a light, healthy breakfast are two of the best ways we can start off any day. Most people find that exercising in the morning keeps them feeling more energized throughout the day, and it's not always easy to workout after a full day of work. Not only is this good start for us physically, but mentally we have already achieved something to be happy about. As we exercise we can also meditate, and while we are moving our bodies we can organize our day. Let us start the day in a positive direction and be sure to plan for some smiles and laughter along the way!