Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let's take a deep cleansing breath. Do some light stretching to help relax your muscles. Stretch you arms. Stretch your fingers. Stretch your legs. Stretch your toes. Roll your shoulders. Sit comfortably and align your posture. Back straight, chin up. Take another deep breath. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Imagine you are standing by a tall, cascading waterfall. You hear the water splashing down and there is a mist billowing in the air around you. Breathe and enjoy the beauty of this place. You reach down and feel the water. Comforting warmth swims though your fingers. As you step in, the water feels soothing on your feet and legs. You cup some of the water in your hands and splash it on your face. It is cleansing and refreshing. You walk over to a small beach near the waterfall and sit down. Close your eyes. Think about this moment. How did you get here? How did we arrive at this very place in time? Everything that happens to us begins with our ability to focus. Realize that it is You that carries you to your destiny. Focus on where you want to go, or do, or change. Visualize this goal. From there you can map the course. Stay true to your course and you will eventually arrive there. Don't give up. Everyday take time out to focus on your goal. As much as we are part of this Universe, the Universe is in us. It wants us to succeed. Have faith and it will someday be yours.