Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let us start with a deep breath. Do some light stretching. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Let all thoughts drift from your mind. Bask in the peace that is your Center. That quiet place deep within us that is at the Center of our Being. Let us think for a moment on the beauty of photographs. Photos can be a wonderful way to nurture the positive energy within us. We can use them as a tool - we can create a photo meditation book. Take photos yourself or look through magazines and find images that fill you with positive energy. Let this be your Positive Daydream Book. A place for your mind to wander and feel comforted and peaceful. You can use a scrapbook or photo album to hold them. Try to use picture putty or something impermanent so you can add, remove and rearrange your photos. Let your book be as ever changing as your being. Feel free to add other things such as fortunes from a fortune cookie or other materials such as leaves or textures you may come across in your travels. It can be like a scrapbook - but let this book be about your True Spirit. The You everyday. Let it thrive in the present. A celebration of the joy within you.