Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let us take a deep breath. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Clear your thoughts. Align your posture. Imagine you are spending the day hiking a trail through the forest. It is an unusually warm day for this time of year. The sweet smell of leaves and earth rise from your feet with each step. As you look up the bare branches of the trees weave a pattern against the stark overcast sky. Two birds playfully chase each other through the branches. They too are happy to have a break from the cold. Here in this moment witness the beauty that is change. Although it's not a beautiful, warm sunny day, there is beautiful change at work all around you. We need to have the darkness in order to grow. We need our rest and reprieve in order to awaken to a new day. The seasons work together to create our beautiful Earth. Embrace the darkness as you would the light. See the light in the dark. Be the light in the dark.