Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let us take a deep breath. Do some light stretching. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Let us focus for a moment on what makes you unique. Think of the talents you have been gifted with. What makes you so special is there will never be another one of You, ever. Not yesterday. Not now. Not 1,000,000,000 years from now. You are an amazing and creative piece of artwork derived from the Universe. A quote by Deepak Chopra says, "The highest expression of love is creativity." How much love the Universe must have for us to take the time to make us all so unique. Our creativity is our own unique way of expressing ourselves. The time and energy it takes to create something from our own hearts is filled with pure love. And to create something for someone opens up a double flow of loving energy: We have the love flowing from our creative efforts and the love we feel from the person we are creating this gift for. This kind of gift cannot be purchased. It is priceless. Today let us try to seek out new and creative ways of sharing the most wonderful gift in life, the gift of yourself.