Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let us start by taking a deep breath. Stretch your arms. Stretch your legs. Roll your shoulders. Clear your thoughts and relax. Imagine you are hiking up a mountainside. There is a rocky dirt trail before us. The trees are tall and green. The air is pleasant. As you round the turn the canopy opens up and you are overlooking a beautiful green valley. This is nice but it is only one side of the mountain. At the top you can see everything. You continue to hike on and the trail starts to become quite steep. You see a sign that says 1.3 miles to the summit. You decide to tough it out and keep trudging forth leaning your whole body forward with each step. The trail doesn't get any easier in fact it gets harder. More steep. More rocky. You consider turning around for a moment but just then some people are coming down. They reassure you the top is not far away. You take their encouragement and give it your best shot. You can feel the change in the atmosphere as the trees give way to an open blue sky above your head and the vastness all around you. You have reached the summit. The scenery is stunning. Your body tingles with the amazing views before you. All that pain it took to reach the top just paid off. Let us remember that the views are always the best at the top. Never give up in your struggle. If you have to stop and rest then do so - but never, never, never give up! I took the picture you see above from the top of Hood Mountain today in Northern California. It was a really tough climb, but as you can see it was very much worth it.