Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let us take a deep breath. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Let us focus on the love in our hearts. The love for our Self. The love for our Family. The love for our Friends. The love for our Earth. The more we focus on the love that is ever present within us, the more it will grow. Here in this moment we are holding all the love we have for this life right here in our hearts. It is the power of love that propels us to move forth in our lives and make the decisions that create our Life path. The love we give is precious. It comes in the form of our time and efforts. It is the selfless acts that we express towards others. It is easy to go to the store and purchase things, but as we all eventually discover, we cannot buy love. Gifts are a nice gesture but when we give something that is useful and has purpose behind it we give with a deeper love. Charity begins at home. Today let us think about the items we have in our homes that no longer serve us. Perhaps we can think of a family member or a friend that could benefit from something we no longer use. Today let us give something from the heart. It can be a sweater or a book, or even something as simple yet priceless as a hug. Those are almost always needed. And now for our next eco-conscious idea in our meditation series on small changes that make all the difference: Charity does start at home...but in case your items you no longer have a use for go beyond the needs of your family and friends - there is a beautiful connection that has taken place over the past 8 years or so, it is a wonderful organization called Here you can post your needs as well as items you no longer have any use for. Just about anything can be requested or given away. From a wooden spoon to a dishwasher. Coupons, moving boxes, old clothes, bicycles. You name it! Simply list your item and someone will most likely come get it. You can leave it on your porch and they will whisk it away for you. This whole process can greatly reduce the amount of needless waste in our nation's landfills. There is a Freecycle page for just about every city - and if you don't see yours listed you can easily create one. If we think about all the things we've thrown away in this life, hopefully, we can be motivated to use this wonderful free and easy service to help us recycle and reuse, instead of heading to the store and adding to the pile.