Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Stretch your arms. Stretch your legs. Roll your shoulders. Align your posture. Relax your body. Clear your mind. Take in the freshness of this new day. Allow yourself to just be a moment. Close your eyes and rest in the quiet. Let us think about our body. Think about what is good for our body. Think of how much our body relies on our mind to be healthy, and how much our mind relies on our body to be healthy. Eating right gives us balance both mentally and physically. Exercise gives us balance both mentally and physically. What we put in it is what we get out of it. Today let us focus on making healthy decisions for our bodies. Let us fuel our minds by viewing a list of foods that are good for us. Foods that boost our energy and metabolism. Be sure to get at least an hour of exercise that allows you to raise your heart rate, break a sweat and burn energy. Do some light stretching before you go to bed. Our bodies are our most important assets. We need to care for them in order for them to carry us throughout this life.