Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Stretch your arms and your legs. Roll your shoulders. Align your posture. Relax your body. Clear your mind. Let's take a moment to envision our Selves. Who are we now? Who did we used to be? Who do we want to be? Sometimes we can feel as though we have wandered far from the person we set out to become. We can feel off-track and confused about where we are headed. One thing to keep in mind is: we can change. And change can happen in any direction. We will never be who we were yesterday because we continue to grow daily - but we can be just like the person we used to be. Just as the rain changes to snow and then back again, we can change and return to the person we once were. The rain drop is never the same rain drop, but it takes on the same form. Focus now on the person you wish to be. What was it you loved about yourself that you no longer feel in tune with? A good way to begin this transformation is to envision yourself waving goodbye to the ways that no longer serve you. Watch them as they fade into the distance. The next step is to welcome in the changes you want to see in yourself. Embrace each one. Be open and communicate to friends and loved ones of your desire for change. Let them be aware how much their support will mean to you. Most of all - have faith in yourself: You are the driving force behind the source. Let yourself Be. Be who you were. Be who you are now. Be who you want to be. All of it is a be-autiful journey!