Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Find your center. Relax. Roll your shoulders, stretch your fingers and toes. Close your eyes and think about this very moment your in. Imagine yourself on a green, lovely hillside, at dawn. There's a mist in the air and the sun's rays shoot fantastic colors over the clouds and fog. You are climbing into a big, beautiful hot air balloon. There with you is someone you look up to. Someone who always has great words of wisdom to share. As you begin your ascent up into the air, you watch as the ground is left behind and you glide smooth and free over the green hilltops. The farm animals, barns and houses all become smaller and smaller and you get lifted into the beautiful day ahead. You and your special person take in the beauty, breathing it in. They begin to speak. They tell you how this beauty you take in transforms you. We are uplifted by moments of awe such as this. We are inspired. It is an adventure of the heart. Moments like this plant seeds of wisdom in us. Over time the seeds grow and we can begin to see the many connections of how what we see outwardly effects who we are inwardly. As a result, what we take in, we can then give out - we can then share this wisdom with others. It is meant to be shared. Today as you go about your day, find something beautiful to take in. Plant the seeds of wisdom. Or maybe it is time for you to share this wisdom with others. Celebrate the connections. Transform yourself, transform others. Take note of how this act of sharing moments of wisdom creates a positive change in those you love and the world around you.