Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Clear your body. Stretch your arms and legs. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Align your posture. Imagine yourself resting by a stream. The trees tower over you in an archway above the creek. You watch as the water bubbles and flows, smoothing over rocks and bending the plants and branches in it's path. The sound of the water flowing past you is musical. At times it reminds you of laughter as it bounces its way down the creek. The water is fresh and clean. You dip your hands in and splash your face - feel the cool water run down your cheeks. You cup your hands and drink it in, it invigorates your body. The air all around you feels misty, cool and refreshing - you breathe it in filling your lungs with it's sweet aroma. You decide to dip your feet in and feel the water run through your toes, tickling your feet. You bend forward to feel the cool rushing water skimming the top of your head, splashing on your face and neck. Try to find time to explore the many wonderful aspects of beautiful, life-giving water. When you take your next bath or shower, try to reserve a few extra minutes to enjoy the relaxing and cleansing nature of this natural element. Use left over bottles and jars to store water in your refrigerator to have ice cold water waiting for you when you get home, add lime or lemon for extra flavor and refreshment. Pick up a rosewater face mister for a rejuvenating lift during the day. For a healthier and better tasting alternative to plastic, use a stainless steel water bottle.