Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Hear the air coming in and leaving your body. Let out all your thoughts with each exhale. Relax your shoulders. Align your posture. Breathe. Imagine yourself walking across a long bridge. It's a beautiful day. The sun shines and dances on the water below. As you make your way across you begin to feel different. The earth is no longer connected to you. You are now standing above a large body of water. The air circulates all around you. You stop halfway and look out over the water. You close your eyes and focus on this moment. Space. You feel free. Suspended. Lighter. You put your arms out to the sides, tilt your head back and take a deep breath. The freedom you feel energizes you. You feel refreshed and alive in this moment. Our busy lives can impede on moments such as this. It is important for us to remember to take a moment to ourselves to just breathe and feel freedom. Or to give a moment to those around us. Space is as important as togetherness. We need both. It's easy to forget. Today as you go about your day, practice giving and taking space. Take note of the positive changes that occur as you become aware and more mindful of this act.