Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our morning meditation... Let's begin by closing our eyes and taking a deep breath. Rest there a moment and feel the freshness of this new day. Feel your feet firmly planted on the earth. Feel the energy flowing through your body. Feel your breath rising and falling in your chest. Feel your mind and body working together. Feel your place in the world. Feel yourself connected to the Universe outside your door. Feel yourself connected to the Universe within. As space is infinite so are the reaches of your mind. You have a memory, you have intelligence, you have an imagination, you have dreams. Allow yourself to freely roam the reaches of your Innerspace. Explore who you are. Reach deep into yourself and connect to your true self. See the pure light energy from which you emanate. This is your soul. Fill your heart, mind and body with this light. Embrace your true spirit. This is the you of eternity. This is the you that always was and always will be. You are infinite.

As we travel through space and time we go through many changes. These changes are no different than a balloon: The balloon may expand or contract, it's density may fluctuate, the color may fade - but it is always and forever a balloon. We are forever a soul. We can alter ourselves as human beings at any given moment, but the soul will always remain the same. Our minds and bodies are vehicles by which we can explore the many dimensions of this life. The more we take advantage of that and explore the various aspects of ourselves - the better we can understand what lives in our soul. Our minds can get in the way of our progress at times. We can easily place limitations on our lives. We can fall into patterns and comfort zones. We can allow ourselves to be influenced by friends and family. There are a million distractions by which we can be derailed. Today try and let go. Try to allow yourself the freedom to explore the true spirit of you.