Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Within the freshness of this morning, feel the balance within you. Take a deep breath and as you exhale bring yourself to your center. Your body, your mind, your heart, your soul, your surroundings - it all connects to your center. Imagine yourself on a swing. Your hands wrap around the chain links and you start out slowly swaying your legs back and forth. Eventually you get higher and higher. You can feel the swing and your body dip down towards the Earth. You point your legs way back and your toes way forward to go as high as you can. The air rushes over your arms and through your hair. You can get a small glimpse above the treetops. Feel the gravity pulling at your swingas you sway back and forth. Breathe in the fresh air. Look up towards the sunshine. Soak in the simplicity of this moment. The next time you leave your home or office, stop as soon as you are outside. Close your eyes. Feel the fresh air and the energy of the Universe envelop you. Take a moment and let that new energy fill you. Let yourself transform from the inside out. Let your body feel the change. So often we are in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B we rarely stop and allow ourselves time to adjust. As you go about your day find enjoyment in the simple things. Take a moment to celebrate what we take for granted.