Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation for today... Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Let the air flow in and out of you like the waves on the ocean. Slowly breath in until your lungs are full...then slowly breath out until they are completely empty. Imagine yourself sitting on a park bench. It is your favorite season. You can smell it in the air, you can feel it on the breeze. You take in the beauty that surrounds you. Out of nowhere a friendly looking dog comes up and lays down near your feet. He lays there panting and looking around, seemingly content as you wait for his owner to show. After about 10 minutes you are still sitting there with your new little friend. He has no collar and still no owner to be found. You begin to worry. Eventually you get up and decide to walk back home. He follows you. You tell him to "shoo" but he just perks his ears and tilts his head unsure to your commands. This new little friend has literally walked into your life. You see a police car and walk over to it. You tell the officer about the dog and he is happy to assist you. He phones the shelter and luckily someone called in looking for the dog. A huge feeling of relief comes over you. The officer puts the dog in his car and takes him to the owner. So often when we come across difficult situations it seems much easier to just walk away - and in all reality it is. We have so much on our plates some days that just one more thing can seem way too much. But we can miss out on some truly amazing experiences in passing on these opportunities. There is so much reward in seeing a situation come to a resolution. The ease of walking away can never compare to having our hearts filled with relief and and a sense of peace. Witnessing the joy found in resolutions can refresh our perspective and relieve the burdens of regret. It can energize us. Many times we end up able to handle so much more than we ever thought we could. Today, try to set aside your want to walk away. Do what you can to help find a resolution to just one of the many problems our world is burdened with today. Think globally and act locally. It can be so much as creating peace within your immediate circle to something truly ambitious such as starting an organization. Feel the joy in making the world a better place. Feel the joy in making peace.