Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our daily meditation... Let us begin by taking a deep breath, as deep as you can go, hold it a few seconds...and then exhale and release, letting go of everything. Do it once more. Now, with your eyes closed imagine a vast open space before you. It could be a grassy field or the desert or maybe the infinite realms of outer space. As you stand there before the openness, stretch your arms and limbs. Take a deep breath and reach to the sky. After you exhale - begin to run. Run wild into the open space. Run as fast as you can. Run until you can fly! Feel yourself lift up and release yourself into the air. Spread your arms and glide. Feel the air all around you. Take another deep breath. What do you smell? What do you hear? As you fly through the openness of the sky and space, just feel yourself let go and release. Feel the freedom of flight. Feel everything inside of you release unto the Universe. Hurl it into the openness. Let it all go. You feel light and free. As you slowly turn and begin to orbit back to your beginning place, think about the newness you feel inside of you. Look around you and envision the world below. It is a world full of possibilities. It is a kind and gentle world. Life is how we see it. Create it and it will be so. See the goodness all around you. Smell the sweetness in the air. As you approach your beginning place, you begin to make your descent. Slowing, slowing, til your toes gently touch the Earth. To release is to heal. We can achieve much balance by practicing the art of letting go. Take today to release those things that no longer serve you. Writing is one of the best ways to unleash our thoughts and allow the healing to begin. Write a song, a poem, a list, free write in only gibberish you can understand. Let it go. Open your heart and soul to new, loving experiences. The more time we spend on the good, positive people and experiences in life, the less time and space we allow for negativity to creep in. Find someone today that makes you feel good and tell them how you appreciate them for who they are and how they have blessed your life. This is the true gold. Give them a hug. At the end of the day, take a deep breath and take comfort in all the good things you have been blessed with today.