Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Do some light stretching. Clear your mind. Feel the life force in you. It flows through your veins. It runs through your mind and your heart. You are pure energy. You are a wonderful being blessed with life. You were given this life to share the beauty of yourself. We all have talents and things we enjoy doing. Think of a few right now. What are somethings that come natural to you that bring you joy? These are the gifts of ourselves. They reflect our life's purpose. When we share the gifts of ourselves we can create wonderful positive experiences for us and those around us. There is no action too large or too small. There is simply action. What is easy for us is not always easy for someone else. If we can come to someone's rescue on the smallest level, we are doing the world a huge favor. In this practice of being mindful of ourselves and others, we can begin to see where we fit in in the grand scheme of things. Today as you go about your day, try to think of creative ways to share the gift of yourself. Reach beyond your everyday routine. Touch the world around you. Share the gift of you. See what beautiful experiences await you in return.