Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our daily meditation... Close your eyes and take a strong, cleansing breath. Imagine yourself climbing high atop a mountain. The cool thin air surrounds you. Smell the freshness in the breeze. You are high above the clouds. The dark, jagged peaks of the mountains jut towards the sky. You feel energized and alive. Feel the strength in your arms and legs. Feel the blood circulating through your body. Feel the power inside you grow with each step. Just a few more steps and you will reach the top. You grip on to a boulder and hoist yourself to the summit. The hair stands on your skin as you take in the magnificent view. You can see for hundreds of miles in all directions. Spread your arms open wide and take in all the greatness around you. Feel the power of this moment filling you. Take another deep breath. Let it out slowly. You are on top of the world. According to Wikipedia: Power is a measure of an entity's ability to control their environment, including the behavior of other entities. We all have the power to make things happen for ourselves. By communicating our needs and working towards a compromise with the other individuals around us we can maneuver our way to success. We need strength in our hearts and minds to accomplish our goals. We need a sense of wisdom and the ability to know the correct way to react to a situation that will best benefit us. There is power in action and non-action. There is power in speech but there is also power in silence. Knowing what to say and when to say it plays a large role in achieving our success. Practice this. Create different scenarios that will teach you how to react to situations wisely. Knowledge is power. Balance is power. Being prepared is power. All these things are inside of you. It's how you use these tools that will make all the difference. Today as you go about your day, empower yourself. Feel yourself growing stronger and wiser. Make an effort to use your power wisely and to create a positive difference in the world around you.