Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Let all your thoughts dissipate with each breath. Let your muscles relax. Listen to your heartbeat. It is a drum. Listen to it as it drums along to the song of you. It is the rhythm of the Universe. It echos within your soul. Imagine your soul - free to move about the Universe. Dancing along to this eternal rhythm. Imagine the souls of others moving about you. You feel warmth and glow of their energy. They come in different colors and brightness. Our souls dance together in harmony. They feel familiar, like family. Like you've known them many lifetimes. We dance together to the Music of the Spheres. To the Om of the Universe. Floating and spinning in the vastness of outer space. Surrounding ourselves with goodness and light. Peace. Imagine us all in harmony - our souls dancing together in the name of peace. Imagine us using the song of ourselves to bring healing and love to those in need. Imagine that healing and love being gifted to us. Let the lines of communication flow to bring us all to healthy resolutions. Be One with all the goodness in this world. Today, let us all work together to create a healthy, happy planet. Practice random acts of kindness today to inspire and promote a sense of Peace throughout the day.