Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our daily meditation... Today let us begin with a deep, cleansing breath. Close your eyes and imagine a deep dark Universe sprinkled with a gazillion stars, and the planets orbiting around the bright, fiery Sun. Can you hear the music of the spheres? The Earth is moving swiftly on its course at approximately 1040 miles/hr. Imagine this large planet of ours flying through space on pure gravity alone - what would it sound like skimming through the air? Take a moment to think of what each planet would sound like as it makes it way around it's orbit: The high notes of our smallest planet, Mercury, to the lower bass tones of our largest planet, Jupiter. And the porcelain Moon gliding along its axis around our watery blue Mother Earth at 2288 miles per hour. How soothing the song of the Heavens, an overture of space and time...let us take comfort in this symphony from above, because we know for as long as we live, it will always be there.

Planets, moons and stars aren't the only things to appear to have an orbit: People pop in and out of our lives, the seasons come around again and again. Life is no doubt a series of cycles. Our own thoughts move in and out of our minds and if only we could draw the patterns they make, we could see that they too have come full circle again and again - sometimes traveling slowly, others times they go rushing by, and yet at other times we can feel as though we are moving completely backwards, just like that fun occasion in Astrology: Mercury Retrograde - an event which happens three to four times per year when the planet Mercury slows down, and appears to stop (station) and move backward (retrograde). It's only an optical illusion since there is always forward movement as the planets orbit the Sun, but just as if we are speeding by a slow moving car or bicycle - they appear to be moving backwards. Mercury being the ruling planet of communication and travel beckons a calls for extra patience during this time. Currently our planet of love, Venus, is experiencing a retrograde. Relationships around the world are being challenged with unexpected obstacles, making some the stronger and others weaker by its effect. Such are the cycles in life. Take notice today of the orbits around you. Who's coming in? Who's going out? Who has come around again?