Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Breathe in, bask in the freshness of the new day before you. Stretch your arms and legs. Bend forward and to either side. Hear the sound of your heart beating, feel the life force flowing through your body. Imagine yourself walking through the soft cool, sand. You are headed towards the beach. The waves crash against a rock jutting out of the water. The foamy shoreline greets you as the horizon wraps its arms around you. You hear chanting. As you listen closer you realize it is the song of the Earth. Like the sound of many voices chanting - Om. From smooth low bellowing tones to those higher in pitch - Om drifting through the atmosphere. Take a deep breath and from deep in your soul, sing Om. Repeat it over and over and let the warm flwing tones fill your body. Heal your soul. Let yourself be one with the Earth song. Smell the salty air, feel the cool sea breeze on your face and skin, the soft sand under your feet, the sounds of the waves crashing, and the Om resonating throughout your body. Breathe in this magical moment. Let it lift you. Let it clear you until the only things you feel are your true spirit and nature. You feel content and peaceful in this moment. You feel one with yourself, and one with the Universe that surrounds you. Meditation can do so many wonderful things for our lives. If we take just a little time out for ourselves to heal our thoughts, heal our minds, feel our bodies and bring in positive self-loving energy into our lives - we can go so much further in contributing to the world around us and providing a loving, peaceful heart to others. Meditation leads us to mindfulness. It allows us to see the details of a situation. It allows us to explore our true selves. It takes us places we can not go physically. It teaches us wisdom and patience. It refreshes us. With a clear mind we make room to face the day before us. And at night we can meditate to relieve stress and worry before we go to sleep at night. Meditation empowers us. It strengthens us mentally and physically. Today, meditate. Focus on the positive and peaceful. Focus on clarity. Focus on taking time to love yourself and care for yourself. You are the source.