Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let's spread our arms out to the side, tilt your head back and take a deep breath. Exhale everything from your lungs. Bring your arms in tight and breathe in the new day. Clear your mind. Think of the bluest sky. Think of a fresh morning breeze mixed with the smell of damp, sweet pine. You're at the starting line at the crack of dawn. Imagine that today you entered a race. There's a crowd of participants formed around you. You can feel the warmth of the bodies blanketing you from the crisp morning air. Some look very athletic. Some look not so athletic. Some are missing limbs. Others are mentally challenged. Some are old, some are very young. Chills run down your spine from taking it all in: You are all here together. All for many different reasons, but all for the same purpose - to challenge your self to do something greater than you have done before. The gun goes off and you take off with the crowd. There are thousands. The air fills with small puffs of breath in the cool morning air. All this kinetic energy around you moves you. The collective effort acts like a large machine gliding along the road. You feel light as if this machine is carrying you along with it. And you feel confident and comforted by all these people around you. You are all in it together. As you make your way through the course the crowd begins to disperse. Some fall behind, others lurch ahead. Through the twists and turns of the path beneath you your mind falls into a sort of daydream. You're in the zone. The rhythm of your feet seems to be in time with the beating of your heart. Your mind wanders off and any pain or discomfort you feel at this point in the race becomes a distant memory. The finish line comes into site and you are awakened from your meditation. You push every last ounce you have to give. The exhaustion starts to set in and the pain of tired muscles becomes very apparent. You raise your arms up and cross over the tape line. A rush of relief and joy come over you. You attained your goal. As you try to regain your breath you take a look around at all the smiles. People giving and getting hugs. Congratulations. This is an amazing moment. Think of all the inspiration that took place to make this moment happen.

Sometimes we are inspired to do certain things. Sometimes we become inspired by watching others do them. Today try to make time in your day to become inspired. Go out and do something to challenge yourself, or watch someone else as they step up to the challenge. Create an amazing moment for yourself. Sometimes we don't know why we're doing something until it's over and it is then the reasons come clear to us. Go it alone or stand with others as you share a dream. Feel the collective energy lift you and guide you along your path. Feel the warmness in your heart as you see people do something greater than they've ever done before. Or just something really great. Explore the many possibilites. The man you see above participated in Ride The Rockies 2009. It's an annual bicycle tour that takes 2,000 cyclists on a 6-7 day ride with a 380-mile loop, ascending three of Colorado's most scenic mountain passes on paved roads through Colorado's Rocky Mountains.