Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Close your eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath. Clear your mind. Let all thoughts dissipate into the air. Travel deep into your self. Take the winding, wooded pathway that leads to your soul. Your elbows brush past the leaves and the wildflowers, each one a memory, an experience by which you grew wiser and stronger. You follow the trail created by your own journey. At one time there were only a few foot prints here and there. Today there is a noticeable groove through the twigs and brush. The birds are singing up above and you hum along to the song. It is your song. The song of You. As you make your way though the forest you come upon a stream - there flows all the emotions that once flowed through you. Your heart pours out, smoothing the rocks over time. There are stepping stones that lead to the other side, each one a milestone you've achieved. You make your way across the rippling waters. It splashes on your toes and you can feel the cool breeze created by it's movement. As you regain your footing on the other side, there is a light in the distance. The smell of burning oak and leaves waifs through the air, weaving its way through your hair and fingers. The light up ahead flickers and reaches upwards, it is a fire. 

As you get closer you feel its warmth greet you and wrap around you. You become immersed in the golden glow cast all about you. You have arrived at the center. This fire is your soul. The firelight dances over your face as you take a deep breath, reaching your arms towards the sky..and then as you release. You are home. For many today is a day of celebration. For our ancestors it was a day of importance and purpose. Here in the Western Hemisphere it was the coming of the final harvest before winter. It was a day to gather up the stock and grain to provide for the winter months ahead. It was common to have a bonfire at this time of year. Once the town bonfire was lit, the villagers extinguished all the other fires. Each family would then solemnly light its hearth from the common flame, thus bonding the families of the village together. Today let us share the flame of our inner fire. Visit the people of your village. Join with them in celebration. Not all that we harvest this time of year has grown around us, there is also that which has grown within us. Bond with your community and share in the bounty of life. We have so much to learn from each other. Let your soul shine. 
* Danaher, Kevin (1972) The Year in Ireland: Irish Calendar Customs Dublin, Mercier. ISBN 1-85635-093-2 pp.190-232