Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our daily meditation... Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Stretch your arms. Point your toes. Roll your shoulders. Stretch your hands and fingers. Get comfortably seated. Feel the new energy of the morning running through your arms and legs, your heart and lungs, through your brain. Take another deep breath. Breathe in the love and joy that the Universe has created for us. It is everywhere. Think of all the positive people in your life. Think of the things that bring you joy. Fill your body with all of it. Open your eyes. Let the light of day fill you, breath in, breath out. Look around you. See your possessions. All of them telling a story about you. See the people around you. The relationships that you have surrounded yourself with. Take note of your home and the car or train or bike or bus that delivers you to where you need to go. Feel the connections between all these things. Every day you awake and move forward along your path, visiting old connections and creating new and different connections. Open your heart and mind and try to connect with your true soul path. Look deep within to what makes your heart sing. Revel in the thoughts of what makes you happy. Focus on making the connections to this happiness. How wonderfully connected we are: Our mind and body dancing together to the song of our Self. Everything around us connected to us in some way. As you go about your day, break away for a couple mini-meditations. Sit quietly and ask yourself, where do you want to go today? What connections will it take to get there? Ask the Universe to bring those connections to you. Utilize the positive, loving, energy flowing through your body to make those connections happen. Ask your angels to assist you. Expand your mind to the possibilities. Let your intuition flourish. Seek the psychic within. See the connections to what you truly desire in life.