Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Let us begin by doing some light stretching. Stretch your arms up into the air, stretch your fingers, stretch your legs and toes. Gently bend side to side. Take a deep breath. Breathe all the way in and then all the way out, and repeat. Clear away all your thoughts and feelings. Locate that quiet, peaceful place in you we call, "the center". This is your starting point in life. It is a place deep inside you that defines your true being. It was there in your first moment of life and it is still there today. We can put aside all that has happened to us and our center still remains. No matter what is happening in our lives we can always travel back and take comfort here in the home of our true selves. It is a place you can go to feel grounded and at ease. An inner sanctuary where you can find all the genuine goodness of You: love, peace, joy, happiness. These all exist there. They are part of our true nature. When life can feel overwhelming it is good to take a break and ground ourselves. Take a moment to rest in your center. Refuel. Re-energize. Feel the love and joy beneath all that is happening and has happened to you. It is always there waiting for you. Today practice facing today's obstacles with help from your center. Realize the healing nature of our inner sanctuary. This practice in mindfulness can help us to face problems with a positive outlook and create a more peaceful, loving world in us and around us.