Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our daily meditation... On this Tuesday morning let us begin by closing our eyes and placing a focus on our breathing. Take 3 deep breaths. Let each one get deeper than the next. As you exhale, let out as much air as you can. After that sit quietly and imagine...air. Air is always moving all around us. It sometimes arrives in a gust of wind and yet other times it's like there is nothing at all. Feel it wrap around you like a fluffy blanket or playfully tousle your hair. Beautiful air. Let yourself be taken on the wings of a breeze. Feel comforted by its softness. Imagine laying in the grass and let the air skim over you like a long flowing sheet of satin. Watch the birds swoop and glide overhead...dancing on the air. What do you smell? The scent of a flower or perhaps the woodsy smell of fall leaves? Gifts of nature are delivered via the air. Throughout your day take note of the notes in the air. Take time to enjoy those comforting breezes. Open your door, step outside and breathe in the beautiful air. It is something we can easily take for granted on a daily basis. Air is one of the most powerful things we have in life. All those tiny molecules dancing in around our bodies carry messages to our brain: we're warm, we're cold, we're comfortable, dinner is ready, a candle is burning, it's raining outside. The air around us can have quite an impact on our feelings and emotions. Start a list of smells you enjoy. Find ways of introducing them more often to your day and see how it affects your moods and energy levels. Aromas can be truly uplifting. The power of aroma can even be intoxicating: Freshly baked bread. Apple pies.

Perfumes made with hyacinth, lavender, cedar and jasmine. Think about how these smells affect you. How they trigger certain memories, how they excite or relax you. We can empower our lives by taking control of our atmosphere. We can surround ourselves with positive people, positive images and music, as well as positive aromas. There are so many great essential oils, candles, incense and even simple air fresheners made available to us. Utilize them and notice the difference in mood it brings. We clean our homes - why not freshen the air in our homes on occasion? Even if it's cold or hot outside, open the window and let in the fresh air for an hour or so. By circulating the air you leave less room for stagnation to settle in. If in the winter you are missing summer, stop by a flower shop - it's completely free to smell all the flowers! Air: Surfing On A Rocket