Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our daily meditation. Let us close our eyes, clear our minds and imagine a fresh morning sea breeze filling our lungs and invigorating our soul. Stand on the cliff with the ocean and all of life before you. Welcome the sea, the waves, the birds, the sunrise. Welcome all that comes before you. Breath it in. Know it is a gift. Embrace it. It is for you. Open your eyes to this new day. Go to a window and open it up or step outside. Stand up and stretch, reach your arms to the sky. Breath in the fresh air. Slowly and gently bend downward. Continue to slowly and gently stretch each of your limbs, taking deep breaths with each movement. Just breathe and relax. Today for our very first post I found it only appropriate to begin our year of meditations with a focus on New Beginnings...or the proverbial Fresh Start. As you awaken this morning and your thoughts turn towards today. Give yourself the gift of a Fresh Start. Embrace starting over and all those possibilities that are available in having a second chance to do something better. “If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.” Mary Pickford There may be many things you wish you could re-do. Try not to become overwhelmed. Just breathe and let all the others fall away until you come to the ONE. Envision this one thing as it is now, and then, in your mind let it turn to dust. Now re-envision it as you would like to see it in it's successful outcome. The road may seem long in achieving your new goal but every point on your journey will bring you growth as well as an opportunity to rest. I am a cyclist. When we head out on a 60 mile ride, we don't ride 60 miles then stop. We rest along the way. Every 25 miles or so we stop, we breath, we eat, we drink, we enjoy each others company. Make the most of where you rest, because it will bring you the strength you need to start again. The picture above is from my last 60 miler in a ride called Levi's Gran Fondo which took place last weekend. It is near Goat Rock of the Pacific Coast Hwy. "For a sailor to sail around the world, the thought is just, sometimes, too much. Thus, one simply goes from port to port in the same direction." Hal Moore Today, begin your first small step. One small step is what it takes to achieve any sort of greatness. The first step is most often the hardest but it also considered half the journey. Start by loving who you are right now. Be proud of yourself for all you have accomplished. Know that you can continue to succeed and find the means to accomplish this task. Take notice of EACH step you take today and remember that the easy ones weren't always so easy. You have become strong over time. Let us all allow our first step to be to see the world in a positive light and that all things are possible if we try. Here is a nice video on Yoga for Beginners:

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