Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to our meditation... Close your eyes. Quiet your mind. Take a deep breath. As you begin to feel your body awaken to a new day, let us focus on our balance. Begin by standing with your back against a wall. Place your feet firmly on the ground about a foot apart. Press your shoulders back into the wall. Feel your lungs open up and your stomach stretch. Take a couple deep breaths. As you continue to stand, close your eyes. With your mind take a moment to notice how your body feels from your feet, up your legs, through your torso and neck and up to the top of your head. Feel your posture against the wall. Feel yourself straight and aligned. Bend forward and slowly stretch down towards your toes. Gently let your arms hang there for a few minutes. When you come up raise your arms out to the side then slowly up over your head until your back reaches the wall and then continue to stretch slowly upward, as far as you can reach. You can even go up on your tiptoes if you like. Take a deep breath and lower your arms into a Namaste pose (hands together in front of you) as you exhale. Feel the balance of your hands meeting each other. Feel the balance in your feet and body. Feel the balance within. With your eyes closed, see the new day before you. Greet this new day with an open mind and and open heart. Envision a wide open field in front of you with a bright blue sky. The air is refreshing and cool and there is a comforting breeze to welcome you to the day. As your day begins to unfold keep this moment someplace attainable in your mind and utilize it as a cushion on which you can stop to rest along the way. Try to accomplish small victories of balance throughout your day. If we sit a lot during the day it seems only right that we should exercise afterward to balance our need for movement. If we eat something heavy one meal, opt for something light the next meal, and so on. By doing this on a regular basis we can become more mindful of our needs. When we become aware of our own needs we can achieve a better understanding for the needs of others. Give yourself the gift of awareness. Some of us have families and work long hours and in a world full of distractions it can be so easy to forget ourselves. We keep shopping lists to remind us what we need from the store, why not keep a list to remind yourself of what YOU need? Everyday we should all try our best to do, at the very least, these 3 things for ourselves: something to clear our minds, something to invigorate our bodies and something to comfort our soul. Try coming up with creative ways to attain these 3 goals. Start today. See if you notice a change in your being and in your overall health. See if you're life achieves a better sense of balance. A documentary of Rock Balancing by artist Kent Avery in Stanley Park, Vancouver.