Friday, February 26, 2016


Welcome to todays meditation...

As the fog clears from your sleepy head, take a deep breath. Close your eyes. In your mind think of a flowing river, there are wild flowers along it's banks and large smooth rocks where the water gentle passes over and splashes. The trees bend and arch over the river and small creatures come to drink and bathe themselves in it. A cool rushing breeze flows in time with the water. You can smell the freshness in the air. You can hear the is the air and the river, its is the birds and the rustling of the leaves. A symphony of sound surrounds this beautiful vision. The greenness of everything. This beautiful flowing river flows through you. Blink your eyes, move your hands, feel your being with small gentle movements. Wiggle your hands and toes. Roll your shoulders feeling the warmth and flow enter your body. Let those movements slowly grow and expand. Stretch your arms out to the side, extend your legs. Stand up. Take a deep breath. Circle your arms. In your mind is the flowing river, this flowing river flows through you. You are beginning to feel energized and awakened by the energy flowing through you today. Take a deep breath. Bring your hands together in a Namaste pose.

Feel the energy passing through from one hand to the other. Up your arms, over your shoulders, down your spine, through your legs. You are alive! Today is my dog Storm's 7th birthday. I am dedicating this meditation to him and all animals. Let us take today to notice them. To celebrate all things furred and feathered. They are our companions in our home and they are our companions in spirit. So much knowledge can be gathered by studying animals. How they work, how they play. How they interact with each other. How they love. Storm is a black lab. He is a strong and determined Scorpio who is also patient, loving and kind.

He has taught me so much. Happy Birthday my best friend! How lucky I am to have him in my life. Everyday we have an adventure. Whether it being fetch in the field for hours with a ChuckIt or chasing a frisbe through the air. Some days we just walk and walk. We visit state parks, lakes and rivers. He loves to swim.

He motivates me to explore such beautiful places. So often we can get trapped in living our lives in a box. Limiting ourselves to what is familiar and easy. I can tell the difference in his gate when we turn around to go back home. It slows. His tail wags a little bit less. He is sad the adventure has come to an end. His nose has already visited these plants and leaves. He could prpbably write a novel on just what he learned that day via his snout. Let us think like Storm today. Sniff out the adventure in your day. Take a different route to work. Explore your world. Keep the windows down and smell the air. See what you discover and notice the changes within when you are leaving your home to when you are on your way back. There is a vital energy we can tap into as we embark on the new adventures in our life. Some notice it as fear, others notice it as nerves and many as EXCITEMENT. It's all perspective. Don't try to grasp hold of what unknown lays before you, just let it unfold. Welcome the change. Use your senses: smell, touch, taste, sound and your heart. Let them guide you.