Welcome to our meditation…

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Relax your body. Imagine yourself walking through a park. The paved pathway winds through the grass and trees. The Fall leaves are scattered everywhere in reds and yellows and browns. Eventually the path you’re on narrows and the sidewalk ends where another dirt path begins. There’s a sign there that says, “Trail Ends Here.” You stop for a second and hesitate, just beyond the sign is a forest. You decide to keep going. You make your way up a small incline into the forest. There is a large log stretching across the path. You grab hold of its bark and swing your legs over it. As you go deeper into the woods, the earthy dampness of wet leaves surrounds you, the air grows a little cooler the deeper in you go. Squirrels and birds scurry and flutter about the plants and trees. A blackbird calls out in a treetop above your head. You hear the sound of some twigs cracking and a few yards away you make out the body of a deer and it’s antlers spreading out above his head. He’s watching you while chewing on some acorns. Further beyond him you see a doe and a younger buck go scampering off. You stand there in the middle of the forest, close your eyes, tilt your head back and take a deep breath. Breathe in the life of the forest. Breathe in this beauty all around you. Had you stopped and turned around none of this would be.

For some people, that was simply a walk through the forest. For others it may have been a journey laden with signs. Recognizing the signs can be very helpful in keeping us safe and out of harms way. Using our mindfullness to focus on a situation and foresee the most probable outcome can save us a lot of trouble. We don’t need to over-analyze every situation we come to – that could become detrimental, but we can learn to trust our own judgment in most cases and to not “sweat the small stuff.” It’s important for us to heed certain warnings and pursue the healthiest path possible, but don’t miss an opportunity to enter into a beautiful forest from heeding to too many signs. Find the balance. Today as you go about your day, embrace the signs around you.